Toilets: Deciding on Which One to Buy


There are many different designs of toilets, and each one has evolved throughout the centuries. Toilets have been constantly recreated and redesigned to fit the needs of each era, and to fit the usage of people. Toilets are innovated throughout the years for better functionality, better comfort and improved shape and size.


The best toilet is even created to fit style and luxury needs. Flushing mechanisms have been improved to save on water while improving efficiency. When looking for a toilet to purchase for your bathroom, you have to consider a lot of factors. With so many choices such as those stated above, choosing the right toilet for your bathroom can be daunting, but with a few tips it can be made easier.


First and foremost, is of course to consider the size of your toto toilets. Take into consideration the right width, depth and height of the toilet, and match that with the size of your bathroom as well as the inhabitants that will be using it. Getting a small toilet in a house full of big people is not a good idea. Same goes for getting a big toilet in an otherwise small bathroom. Elongated toilets are good choices if you have the room to spare in your bathroom. Otherwise, go for a round toilet to save some space. Also, try to avoid having tall toilets if you have children in the house. Tall toilets are comfortable for adults so as to not have their legs cramped, but children will have a hard time reaching these types of toilet. Go for a medium sized on, the standard would be a height of 14 inches. Your children will grow taller anyway.


Most people debate over getting one piece or two piece toilets. A good rule to get by is that a one piece toilet saves you space, and has a better seamless style to it. But with a two piece toilet, you can get it for a cheaper price than a one piece toilet. And when it comes to leakage, a one piece toilet is less susceptible to leakage related problems, while a two piece toilet is easier to disassemble whenever leakage does occur.


For an added personal style to your choice of toilets, there are a wide assortment of colors available for your toilet to match the desired aesthetic of your bathroom, but to be safe, go for white.

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